ZTE Nubia Watch: features & its suitability for you

Chinese and technology is more than a fairy tale love story, maybe because it has helped save their economy a countless times, or they seem to just have a mega trust for it, whatsoever their case might be, technology is a gratifying love affair for the Chinese whose technology dominance is a priority to them. For this purpose the innovation and tech products are never-ending, the zeal to excel in the tech business is an intentional vigorous act. So why won’t I get their product? Especially, the ZTE Nubia Watch.

ZTE Nubia Watch
ZTE Nubia Watch

The ZTE Nubia watch is another Chinese product, made by ZTE Corporation, which specializes in telecommunication.  A smart watch usually possess some significant qualities, but having a significant varieties of products, how well can we say the ZTE Nubia watch stands out? Is it considerably suitable for you?

When desirous of a smart watch, the noteworthy general purpose comes into your mind, and these essential attributes are one you would want to see to make that purchase: what features does the ZTE Nubia Watch possess? And how good does ZTE Nubia Watch look? Of course like a watch, I have no idea what you were expecting, but if you are mindful of the display and design, let’s get straight to it.

ZTE Nubia Watch features

Display and Design

With a 4.1-inch display, we are looking at a long shaped watch. With a resolution of 192 x 960 pixels, that’s a total number of pixels as 184,320 and a 244 pixel per inch, high enough to showcase a dependable or reliable output. It also comes with AMOLED touchscreen and a solid screen protection of Corning Gorilla Glass.

Don’t be too joyful, everything isn’t totally perfect. Take note, just 37 percent of the ZTE Nubia watch possesses the Coming Gorilla Glass for a tough protection, this means most of the watch doesn’t partake in this great benefit of withstanding a strong force level or hit.

Another functionality to criticize is the Always-on display; this is the ability for the watch to always show the time and other necessary things without the press of a button. Not all versions of this watch possess this ability, and can hereby be troubling, can it? I don’t really think so.


Should we not be able to see Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, suitable network like GSM to LTE in a smart watch, like Apple and Oppo Watch, for instance? If we don’t, of what significance would it be in terms of connectivity? Nothing superb of course. The ZTE Nubia watch is well equipped to serve in all of these various aspects, and can be said to be connectivity equal or substantial with top smart watches.


ZTE’s new Nubia Alpha has one of the widest stand-by battery life span you can find in smart watches, up to 48 hours, with a non-removable Li-Ion 500mAh battery. This is a great deal, being that you need not to be discontented or even fret about the battery strength of this product.

ZTE Nubia Alpa
ZTE Nubia Alpa


The Nubia Watch packs features that makes it stand out. With the additional acts like MP3 player, Photo/video viewer, camera, voice dial, these are features you are likely not to find in most smart watches. It still comes with the regular Gyro, Accelerometer, heart rate, and compass. Only the new ZTE Nubia Alpha comes with a camera for video recording, but up to 10 seconds duration. Might not be so fancy after all, but it is a growing start of development that might procure certain inclination.


One of the biggest update in the world of smart watches is the arrival of Snapdragon 4100, which gives dynamic faster processing. ZTE Nubia Watch is totally steps backward in this aspect, as it comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon wear 2100, which is far behind the newest of processors. The functionality of the Nubia watch is below average with complains progressive towards the chipset, six generation backwards and the price such functionality is arraigned. OS is of proprietary platform and CPU, a Quad-core 1.1 GHz Cortex-A7.


No so much left to say, but it is expedient to state that 8 GB ROM and 1 GB RAM is a functional unit of this watch. Strikingly the storage capacity of most smart watches, even if a 32 GB storage is widely acknowledge-able not out of far distance or touch in some high standard products.

The overall quality of this smart watch is about average. But significantly reasonable considering it comes with all major features desired in a smart watch, though with a bit of outdated processor. The Nubia Alpha costs about $182.48 USD on AliExpress, which some consider outrageous. Smart watches of better quality sells within same price bracket. That notwithstanding, everyone has their choices and proclivity or love wherewithal for things differently.

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