ZTE LiveBuds features review: Worthy Galaxy Buds Live rival?

ZTE recently launched new wireless earbuds, the ZTE LiveBuds, and it seems to be making waves. Its battery life seems to be one of the standing out features that stands it out. 20 hours battery life is more than a day usage (24 hours make 1 day, I remember that). But if you calculate your day as around 12 hours and leave out the night… you are looking at a pair of earbuds that can last you as much as a day and all night long.

ZTE LiveBuds

Many other features are packed in the ZTE LiveBuds, causing its popularity rise. But how note-worthy are these features, especially in comparison with the likes of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live?

Samsung is one of the leading brands in the Android smartphone industry. But it doesn’t end with their smartphones. The brand’s other devices like their earbuds have proven to beat so many competing brands. You can see here how Galaxy Buds Live matches up with Huawei FreeBuds3 and Airpods Pro.

The ZTE Livebuds might have found its way to the mainstream, and having racked features quality enough to tackle competitors. Very few would believe the ZTE LiveBuds which is absolutely cheap for what it offers could be seen as a rival of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. Well, it is inconclusive yet, but that sounds intriguing. Why that is a fact or myth is something we would love to dive into. So what is special about the both earbuds?

With the LiveBuds, ZTE seems to offer quite a good and reliable earbud.  In fact, the low range price of the earbuds is still too good to be true. It is priced at CNY 199 which is about $29 USD. But sales have only started in China.

The ZTE LiveBuds just arrived, and it came with a great force to compete. Having about 20 hours battery life; IPX5 water and sweat resistance and other features put this device in the spotlight. It is also capable of noise cancellation. ZTE Live Buds has Electronic Noise Cancellation (ENC), which cancels most of the background noise while listening to music or answering phone calls.

The Buds is an In-Ear Design, with rounded tip that allows it to fit easily into the ears. It also possesses a short stem, and smart control system that allows you control the earbuds by simple touches.

The ZTE Livebuds also comes with voice prompts; suitable for automatically getting information via audio messages e.g., battery low warning. It has USB Type-C charging connection.

LiveBuds was launched on the September 15, 2020, and was introduced as a true wireless Bluetooth headset with the following primary features-

  1. Noise reduction or Electronic noise cancellation.
  2. Bluetooth 5.0
  3. IPX5 waterproof
  4. Smart touch
  5. 4g weight
  6. Dual-ear separation
  7. Voice Prompt
  8. 20 hours of battery life
  9. And a senseless delay.

In comparison with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live $170 price, the ZTE LiveBuds plans to use its very affordable price to compete, increasing its popularity. Though the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is a popular, outstanding earbuds sound and overall quality wise; ZTE Live Buds still has an edge over it- better battery life. The price apart will be a good rival force, and can be said to be worth it.

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