Xiaomi Mi TV Lux (Transparent Edition); Features and Specs

This is the world’s first transparent OLED television with mass production. When we say transparent, we mean exactly what the word itself says, a TV you actually can see through, just like a glass, but this time, a cute OLED television that suspends its pictures, giving a unique floating effect.

It doesn’t just add to your number of gadgets, this device should be respected as a piece of art. Very fashionable; as it helps beautify that sitting room, office, bed room, hotel room, wherever you decide to place it. And that alone is lovable, besides its primary duty as a Smart Television.

Xiaomi Mi TV Lux (Transparent Edition)

The Xiaomi Mi TV LUX Transparent edition is a 55-inch OLED television, which contains an OLED panel that allows a see-through characteristic. It gives it an appearance like that of a glass or a clear window when turned off. And when turned on, the images appear to resemble or look like they are floating in the air. Quite an innovation in Television technology, as most TVs have to its self a back built frame. The Xiaomi  Mi TV LUX Transparent edition rather houses all of these in a circular base stand.

LG once reiterated their idea of producing transparent TVs for a widespread sell out. So sure, transparent televisions are not all that common, but they are not rare either. You would probably have seen one used for events or a showcase etc, but the idea of producing in mass to world in general, is a thing Xiaomi beat LG to.

During the 10th year anniversary of Xiaomi, the company revealed the new arrival of Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition. Xiaomi simply reinvented the way TVs are designed, with its 55-inch and 5.7mm ultra-thin transparent piece of glass display.

Other features

The television comes with an AI master smart engine; MediaTek 9650 TV chip, and also runs MIUI interface that is customizable; for the control of the visual features.

Xiaomi Mi TV Lux (Transparent Edition)

It possesses a static contrast ratio of 150,000:1, 10-bit colour, with the ability to refresh at 120Hz and 1ms pixel response time.

Xiaomi  Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition also comes with Always-on display, that allows it to display images and text when not in use than rather stay off. Though one or two cons would be the inability to mount the TV to the wall, definitely allowing you to make use of only the stands it comes with. With reviews also stating that the TV was focused more on beauty than image quality. How true can this be? Not so true, but it is noticeable that the room lighting is likely to affect the image quality on the screen, as bright lights from a window or a very bright room reduces the productivity or image ambience, leaving a reduced quality. That might be worrisome to some people and not noticeable to a very lot.

The TV is priced at $7,195 USD, that’s quite a lot of money. Wow! The price to pay for beauty and tech can be this high. By the way this doesn’t bother a number of people that finds this master piece very interesting. The television sales will begin on the 16th of August, in China. Get ready to make that order if your want in.

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