Xiaomi Mi 20W Smart Tracking Charging Pad Review

One sentence describes the superb function of Xiaomi Mi 20W smart tracking charging pad, “It intelligently detects devices and charge them accordingly”. This may not be very understandable at a start or just the simple read of the sentence above, but as we go on the total understanding of how the Xiaomi Mi 20W smart tracking charging pad works will be unveiled.

Xiaomi Mi 20W Smart Tracking Charging Pad

Firstly, it is known that charging Smartphones and devices are taking a shift to wireless charging. While its a new feature in most smartphones, only less than 30 percent of the population have phones that can be charged wireless-ly or bother using it to charge. 

Why is this? Maybe because it charges a bit slower, and why does the 30 percent use it? It charges your phone without any cables, makes your charging port last longer cause it is freed from charger connection and disconnection. Whatsoever additional reasons, the idea of wireless charging is simply the transfer of energy from the charger to a receiver in the back of the phone via electromagnetic induction.  

The charger possesses an induction coil, this is then used to create electromagnetic field that the receiver having a similar coil detects and converts back into electricity. And this electricity which originated from the conversion of the electromagnetic field is used to charge the battery of the phone.

If the mechanism isn’t totally understood, just remember that there is a pad that has the ability to charge your Smartphone by just putting the phone on it. No need to plug any cable or anything, and this is growing popular by the day.

Xiaomi Mi 20W smart tracking charging pad is another pad capable of charging devices wirelessly, but what is so spectacular about this pad that makes it different or stand out from the others?

For me it is the space, tracking and watts produced. Having a charging pad that can charge two or more devices at a time is more than a plus. I can power my phones or earpods at once, one charging pad doing the job at the same time.

The specifications of Xiaomi Mi 20W smart tracking charging pad might sound simple to you, but trust me, it is rare.

  1. One of the great features of Xiaomi Mi 20W smart tracking charging pad in comparison to others is, others need you to place your phone in an exact pattern that will allow the contact of both coils, this contact is imperative to how the Electromagnetic induction is transferred.

For the Xiaomi Mi 20W smart tracking charging pad that is not necessary. You can place your phone anyhow you desire, like you are asleep and you got a midnight call and received your call talking with sleepy eyes. When the call is over, you place your phone back on the pad in a random position since you already have sleepy head and may not know what you are doing. Don’t be worried, the pad has the ability to trace where your phone is and start charging it.

2. The large space or panel design

While most wireless pads are strictly a one phone placement due to the right placements for the both internal coils to meet. Xiaomi Mi 20W smart tracking charging pad has broken the pattern; made a larger panel that can carry two phones or a phone and an extra device like your earpods.

3. You already know about intelligent tracking and positioning which is smart of this pad. The maximum power of the Xiaomi Mi Smart tracking charging pad is 20W which is enough to power multiple devices. One great deal is the pad costs around $72 USD, quite affordable.

Now you know how it works, it’s smart, innovative, and capable of multi-charging, and evidently wireless charging.

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