Wireless Bluetooth Speakers now replacing conventional Home Theaters

In the past, the comparison of wireless speaker and home theater wasn’t feasible. As a wireless speaker was quite rare, with Home theaters really occupying homes and making sounds look like nothing can beat that.

Ozzie X9 Bluetooth speaker
Ozzie X9 Bluetooth speaker

Wireless technology banged the tech industry with major advancement in recent times to make it possible for us to be speaking about wireless Bluetooth speakers at the moment. Wireless technology is suited for a lot of jobs and devices, and allows the free role and options of being able to do things on-the-go or without an audio cable.

Taking a look at that very important advantage, the advantage of being able to connect your speakers to your phone, laptops, tablets, or any device with Bluetooth connectivity. This comes with of ease of use or no stress, especially if the speakers are portable and still sound great.

Who wouldn’t love the ability to change position or the free access to move somewhere else and still be able to see that content you so love? Well! The idea of taking a vacation, with a mobile wireless Bluetooth speaker, you get to connect to your phone, TV, Laptops, tablets and watch whatsoever you want in a bright quality or anywhere else. Such idea is what makes this work; the loving factor of the wireless Bluetooth speaker.

Wireless speakers vs. Home Theaters

Previously, Bluetooth was known for carrying signals between short distances, and its short range efforts were the reason Wi-Fi is more favoured. With current advancement, that is not much of a problem anymore, Bluetooth 4.0 can connect within the range of 60 meters. You can connect your device and get high quality sound from your wireless Bluetooth speakers.

While Home theatre possess multiple speakers designed for the enhancement of quality surround sound. In other words, they are set at different points of the living room in order to get a sound that surrounds the living room. Enabling you to hear your movie soundtracks as it ought to sound, with all effects moving through your room.

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With Home theater you get a great movie experience, no doubt. More like having a cinema with your family in your living room. Yelp! Home theater brings to you cinema effects making that movie quite a lot more enjoyable.

Sony DAV-TZ215 Multi-System Home Theater
Sony DAV-TZ215 Multi-System Home Theater

With its amazing sound quality, it improves every damn thing you watch. That sport event, that video game you love to play. It unarguably has its advantage in audio quality, tone and loudness.

But is it losing some grounds to the wireless speakers?

Frankly speaking both comes with their pretty amazing advantages and maybe a couple of downsides and that can be key factors in deciding what a person would rather go for. Let’s take a look at the basic Pros and Cons.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Pros

  1. Operates and functions without wires
  2. They are connected to your device by Bluetooth and are less invasive.
  3. Mobile, and easily movable from place to place
  4. They can be quite portable.
  5. Ease of use.


  1. Possibility of losing connection in some conditions.
  2. The sound quality may not be as good as wired speakers.
  3. It can be hacked, so security can be challenging.
  4. The Price is usually higher than a wired speaker. (this may vary depending on size, device sound quality and brand)
  5. Bluetooth may offer lower bandwidth in comparison to Wi-fi

Home Theater Pros

  1. They offer the best of audio and sound quality.
  2. No interference or connection breakage like you get with wireless speakers.
  3. No batteries needed to power your speakers as in the case of Wireless speakers.


  1. Wires lurking around may not be appealing.
  2. Fear of Pets or Kids tampering with the wiring
  3. Not Portable
  4. Due to the wiring and size, you are limited to placing your Home theatre at a spot.

While the major pros and cons are stated above, it is still noteworthy to say Bluetooth speakers have found their way into the heart of many. When you walk into the dressing room of either your favourite artist or even rooms of your pals or next door neighbour, the likelihood of finding a Bluetooth speaker jamming your favourite songs is high. They also are the likely fit for outdoor small gatherings.

One way or the other Bluetooth speakers may seem to have a slight edge over Home theaters, but the preference differs. A lot of times, people get the both to serve their separate purposes- as Home theater keeps their living room cinematic sound in check, Bluetooth speakers makes sure listening to your favourite songs anywhere else is also very possible. There is still a great belief that wireless speakers are actually replacing Home theaters. It might be a fact, but not yet totally done. It could be a scare and an actual possibility if Bluetooth speakers improve their sound quality and also add the features a Home theater possesses.

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