TWS vs. wired earphones: which should you choose for your Smartphone?

tws vs wired earphones

The term TWS or True Wireless Stereo refers to a technology which allows you to pair two audio devices though Bluetooth. You can certainly imagine the advantage of such technology applied to earphones.

As the world evolved from analogue to digital computers, so has earphones evolved and is still evolving since 1858 after its use by the Armed forces. We are not just in the phase of using earphones but we are open to so many choices; both wireless and wired earphones. But which should you choose for your Smartphone?

The breadth and depth of earphone typology is truly remarkable. But is there any substantial difference between wired and wireless varieties?

Wired earphones

Wired earphones are often considered to have high sound quality because of its direct connection through wire. It is mostly cheaper than TWS and can also be used on mostly any device both digital and analogue.

wired earphones

But using wired often withholds us from certain movements to a long distance. Even though some cords may be long but it is still a cord, and will still limit you. We have all experienced when using a wired earphone – you are minding your own business when suddenly your earphones are dragged away because the cable has attached itself to something in your environs. Or you tried to make a movement and your earphones either disconnects or your Smartphone falls to the ground. Wired earphones can also become very entangled sometimes that it delays you when you want to use it and might even cause breakage in the flow of sound. Or even lead to the earphones’ spoilage.


When we talk of TWS, we talk of convenience. Bluetooth, especially in its latest version, allows up to 33ft of distance between device and headphones before signal can become degraded. This gives you a good sense of freedom, when you discover you can put your phone down on a table and walk around your home or office listening to music or making a call without physical, cabled connection. Or making calls in your vehicle while driving without the stress of trying to connect to your auxiliary or your earpiece.

Which one should best suit your needs?

With almost all home appliances being technologically upgraded often, TWS becomes compatible to any of these devices with some extent of freedom to it.

Samsung Gear IconX

It is also easier to use while in the Gym. And can also be a good way of hiding your visibility of wearing an earphone especially in gatherings where wearing an earphone might be considered disrespectful. For students- during classes (though this can also be considered as one of the cons of TWS as it might cause distraction).

Though there are some arguments on the sound quality of a wired earphone being higher than TWS, as Bluetooth connection maybe seen as degrading. However, there are new TWS with great quality, this makes it more expensive and might not be easily affordable by everyone.

But your TWS needs to be frequently charged as it does not use power from the phone. You have to charge it on a daily. It is also not compatible with all devices and not all devices support AptX which is used in some TWS for compressing data.

So, to round it all up, your choice of earphone is solely dependent on your quest for quality and willingness to spend for an earphone either wireless or wired depending on how you yearn for freedom or convenience because there are still wired earphones with great equalizers and the cheap TWS are often of low quality. It also depends on your personality and life style. So, carryout a personal evaluation, if you are a stylish person and if your activities evolve round the corporate world, then, the quality TWS is a good choice. But if you do not mind the cords, then go for the quality wired.

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