System malfunction: How to minimize this at all times

System malfunction otherwise known as system error or failure, all of which depict computer problems will continue to happen but could be minimized easily. If you do not know, these computer software problems are bound to come up even when you are least expecting it. Therefore, expect this errors simply because of few salient truth about a computer system which includes;

  • Computer systems are designed by man and man is prone or bound to make mistakes.
  • Hardware used for computer systems are not 100% reliable
  • There are cases of carefully imposed limitations
  • There could as well be an intended restriction

This short piece is intended to enlighten you on how exactly can you minimize this experience if it must be an unavoidable experience for computer users.

Computer errors

Computer errors or simply put, computer malfunctioning describe the behavior and responses given by the computer indicating that there has been a mismatch or an operational failure in the working procedures laid down for it. You will always get this when things are not working right and that will prompt you to look into the command you are about to execute or already executing.

Categories of error responses and how the system manages it

The computer on its own can identify the errors and therefore categorize them to enable self-solution. The major four categories after analyzing the problem is as stated below as;

  • When the problem is known and the system knows how to solve it, obviously it should solve it.
    In the case of wrong system setting, this is often what you get.
  • When the system only knows about the error symptoms or there is no way to solve the actual
    problem, it can try to reduce the symptoms, do some damage control or recovery to solve.
  • When the system identifies the main course of the error but could not solve it on its own, it suggest a number of solutions to help you find solution.
  • When the solutions to a particular kind of problem is made available online, the system might not solve it per se but lead you through a link to where the solutions are provided.

How to minimize these errors

Minimizing computer malfunctioning demands you keep the system in its most efficient condition and ensure there is no compromise to the software data. You minimize this errors by

Maintain constant system reboot after use

A system reboot is necessary for your computer to function perfectly. This is advised at the end of every software installation, heavy duty work that lasted over time and at the end of every diagnosis. System reboot saves the system from data losses after use for a long period of time.

Clean or remove malware just as they accumulate

Malware has no good to do your system, they slow it down, blur data transfer by affecting the transfer progress, they can crash your hard drive and render your computer useless. Malware must be dealt with just as your computer inform you of their presence.

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Guard against virus attack

Virus can penetrate unknowingly into your computer during data transfer, online downloading, addition of untested or unverified apps, opening a corrupted file on the computer. This virus attack the system in such a way as to hinder the normal working procedures for computer operation.

This requires you have an antivirus software constantly running on your computer, when the virus definition is up to date, you can be sure to have done more than enough to protect your computer against virus attack.

Always check the power cable

Computer errors can as well rise from improper charging methods. Do always check the charger cable and observe if this does not cause any malfunctioning to the system operation as it does in the case for power error for most computers. Avoid this by checking if the power cable is always intact. Also, in the case of battery or charger repair, ensure you have purchased the recommended ones to safeguard your computer against immediate breakdown.

Check for software compatibility before installation

We are often guilty of installing apps with the wrong OS requirements, this can endanger the system drive and further cause system malfunction for a very long time in an unnoticeable way. You are advised to avoid this totally if you don’t want your computer to malfunction.

These and many more are the requirements for optimum system performance and a deviation leads to malfunction. Having seen how to minimize this malfunction, you can prolong your computer life-span just by following the above listed procedures.

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