Some really cool smartphone accessories to get in 2020

Having a new smartphone brings with it a superb feeling. Especially, if it’s a smartphone you have been longing to hold or use for a while. It is ecstatic, especially when all the features are extraordinary that you can’t seem to get yourself to stop using a feature in your phone.

Imagine being able to improve your phone features, giving it more attributes that can serve you better. Yes! There are so many gadgets you can purchase that enhance or add some great extra feature you would love, making your phone able to do things you desire. 

Let’s take a look at new gadgets that can add great features to your phone and are worthy to buy.

1. Fingertip 800x Zoom Microscope

Fingertip 800x Zoom Microscope

Being able to take great pictures with your device is cool, but how well can it turn smaller objects to something big? That’s a Zooming effect, a microscopic zooming feature that this product comes with. So you can definitely turn your phone to a mini microscope if you want to, all you need is get this product that can simply zoom 800x. It is under $500 USD, and should make a great purchase if you want your phone to have a paparazzi feature or the ability to zoom even scientific things like bacteria.

2. Razer Kishi Gaming Controller

Razer Kishi is a gaming controller for Android, with Analog Thumbsticks that are clickable, and Ultra-low latency Gameplay; meaning it connects directly the port of your smartphone, allowing you to be able to control your phone with the connected pad effortlessly.

Razer Kishi Gaming Controller

The Raxer kishi Gaming controller fits in your hand like a normal gaming pad, having the features of a game pad but with your phone embedded in it.

These are the features of the Razer Kishi Gaming Controller
A. It contains analog thumbsticks <clickable> 
B. Function buttons 
C. Type C Connector 
D. Speaker ports 

E. Special function button
F. Face buttons 
G. Triggers (L2/R2) 
H. Bumpers (L1/R1) 

When your phone starts running low as you play, you can simply attach the chaging cable to the controller and it helps you charge both.

3. ChargeTech Powerbank (Battery)

This is a powerbank that can charge anything, from your laptops, to phones, earphones, cameras, not just multiple devices, but multiple devices at the same time.

ChargeTech Powerbank

The chargeTech powerbank capacity is 27000mAh 85W, coming also with rapid charging. This device speed and large battery life is enough to power multiple devices at once.

As some people will say, “this Power bank can run an entire house”.

4. inCharge 6 cable

The incharge 6 cable is a 6 in 1 connecting cable. It allows you to connect multiple types of USB devices that lets you connect between different types of USB devices. It supports Type C, USB, Lightning, and Micro USB connections. 
With its 6 in 1 cable design, it is now easy to connect USB to USB C, Lightning, micro USB and vice versa.

inCharge 6 cable

The incharge 6 cable is also durable, has a magnetic attachment, strong cable connection, light and small enough to fit into your pocket.

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5. Hypersonic X Power Bank with Earbuds

Adding an extra power source for your phone can come in handy, if you use your phone so much that its battery isn’t likely to last so long, or if you are on a long trip, and your phone acting as a companion finds its battery life derailing, then the essence of a power bank is absolutely remembered.

Hypersonic X Power Bank with Earbuds

Hypersonica X Power bank are not just suitable for charging your phone, they also come with earbuds . They have the ability to charge your phone over or at least twice.

With the 8000mAh, it possesses enough for this power transfer.

It also performs wireless charging, USB type C compatibility and can show you the percentage left on the power bank, so you can tell how far it can go and when you need to charge before it runs totally low.

This is a cool upgrade to a regular power bank, with extra earbuds feature, which the earbuds are stored in the power bank and the Hypersonic X Powerbank acts as its charging source.

6. IMStick Magnetic Smartphone Holder

Imstick is a magnetic holder that holds your phone down to anything; a car, a table, even a bicycle, by simply positioning your phone for you to be able to rest your hands and still stay connected.

IMStick Magnetic Smartphone Holder 001 scaled 1

All you need to do is attach a small magnet at the back of your smart phone. The Magnetic area has a cable that is flexible for you to form any shape that you could use to hang your phone anywhere of your choice. Costing around $25 USD.

7. Shuttermoon Phone Camera lens

Lenses are that extra optical device you add to your cameras to get a precise focusing, either a wider angle, a farther catch of beauty, a zoom that catches the moment of even little things or movements. Yes! Lenses are wonderful to have, and this addition to a phone is another lovable piece.

Shuttermoon Phone Camera lens

You can’t seem to run away from that Bee or Ant or even the fishes swift dive you have been longing to catch with your phone.  When you have a good smart phone, and the Shuttermoon phone camera lens, then all the shots your desire are possible with your phone.


  • CPL Lens
  • Wide Angle Lens 63X
  • Macro Lens 15X
  • 2x Telephoto Lens 2x
  • 198°Fisheye Lens

8. Ulanzi smartphone video Rig

Creating videos are now an essential thing in our modern lifestyle. Having a great phone with video quality is one good thing, having this device is also very helpful, especially if you use your phone to shoot cool videos for vlogging, YouTube or just general content.

ulanzi smartphone video rig

Ulanzi video rig acts like a Ronin. What a ronin would do for a camera, which is to stabilize the camera to stay still even as u move along with it, on a run or fast follow up movements.

This is cool, if you are shooting comedy videos with your phone, or just getting clips of someone engagement or a party. Having this device will help make your videos steady like a filmmaker.

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