Oppo Watch vs. Apple Watch: features, differences & similarities

Some say that Oppo Watch does look like the Apple Watch. Others even called it names like “oddly familiar, similar, in shadow, a derivative” and many more.  The Apple Watch is simply the most sought after watch in the world right now, is there any other smart watch that can be put out that won’t be a derivative?

If you have never heard of a smart watch and its various intriguing abilities, the right set of circumstances might have led your way here, as we would simply be comparing the two finest smart watches around.

Apple Watch series 6
Apple Watch

And you don’t necessarily need to think out of the box to know what a smart watch is, as simple as what a phone called ‘smart’ is too. It adds great features to a watch propelling the ability to do noteworthy tasks like the possession of GPS, WiFi, ability to check Pulse, run a few compatible apps, read messages from your phone, etc. This way you can uniquely drop your phone at home at your wish, do not worry! Your watch can cover up for you, as it is a near rate alternative. Of course it definitely can, it doesn’t just check time it also takes phone calls, this isn’t James Bond movie, and it’s a fact.

Oppo Watch vs. Apple Watch

OPPO, is a Chinese electronics and mobile communications company producing devices like Smart phones, Blu-ray players, audio devices, and electronic products. Now a great deal is added to their product range, as the Oppo watch is a smart watch worthy of a plethora of veneration. While this is now official, it is still looked at as a creative whose idea originated from the Apple watch.

The Apple watch was released in April 2015, and is a string or series of watches made by Apple Inc. It ravishingly skedaddled into becoming the best selling wearable device as its features are not what can be looked over, with the intent being to compliment the iPhone, adding new functions that freed people from their smartphones.

The Apple watch is obtainable in different form or variants, and is usually distinguished by the colour, materials, size among others.

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While Apple series 5 launched in 2019 is the most welcome recent model, the comparison of models can be of significant or small differences; usually a major upgrade or additional feature is noticeable.

Apple and Oppo Watch is a great deal to look out for. They don’t just help you keep track of time, they do a variety of amazing things that the list is unbearably everlasting, but what similarities and differences do they have in comparison? Let’s find out.


We should all note that the appearance of Oppo Watch is already regarded as a partial clone of Apple watch. This alone has brought in discrimination of a copied invention. But can we claim it is?  Well! The similarity in look is quite striking, but there is surely still a difference. Oppo Watch comes in a stainless steel case or aluminium alloy, with gold, silver, pink and black the colours of choice. It possesses two side buttons that also differentiates Apple watch from it, as Apple watch has to its side a crown instead.

The design is unique because it comes along with a removable strap, which means you can easily remove the strap and put in another of your choice.

Apple watch comes with varieties of cases than Oppo Watch, having the Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Ceramic case as options. It also comes with varieties of colours above the Oppo: Gray, Black, Silver, white, Gold etc.

Oppo Watch
Oppo Watch


OPPO Watch variants are in two sizes  41mm; comes with a 1.6-inch AMOLED display and a resolution of 320×360 pixels, while 46mm; comes with 1.9-inch AMOLED display and a resolution of 402×476 pixels.

The Apple watch has its variants in 40mm and 44mm. The 40mm has a 1.57-inch Retina display and a 324×394 pixels resolution, and the 44mm comes with a 1.73-inch Retina display and a 368×448 pixels.

Oppo watch seems to be edging out in size but possess a similarity in resolution.


The Watch by Oppo edges out Apple Watch in the longevity of the battery life, while both comes with wireless charging. Oppo Watch can stay all the way to 40 hours and Apple up to 18 hours on single charge.


OPPO Watch has an interesting feature that helps in saving power- it switches from the Qualcomm chip to an Apollo co-processor. It is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 2500 SoC which packs a 1GB RAM and 8GB storage.

Apple for a favourable reason beats the Oppo Watch in storage, as it has to its stock a 32GB storage. It is powered by the 64-bit dual core S5 processor.

While OPPO and Apple Watch comes with a lot of similar features: GPS, Gyro, Heart rate monitor, Barometer, Acceloremeter, Compass, Water resistant, touch screen; Apple watch comes with an AI voice assistant. The similarities are close with differences worthy of note.

Why does the OPPO stand a chance even in comparison with a slight better Apple in the market? Well! It’s a cheaper choice and that cannot be neglected. OPPO Watch prices starts at $220 – $360 USD, while Apple Watch starts around $399 – $1200 USD.

Apple & Oppo Watch Specs comparison table

FeaturesApple WatchOppo Watch
Screen resolution 448 x 368 pixels360 x 360 pixels
Internal memory32GB8GB
Operating systemWatchOS 6ANDROID v6.0
Music playerYESNO
Music streamingYESYES
Heart rateYESYES  
Water resistantYESYES
Touch screenYESYES
Stop watchYESYES
TimerYESAvailable for only China-release Watch
Incoming callYESYES
AI voice assistantYESAvailable for only China-release Watch
Battery life18 HOURS40 HOURS

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