Nobby Expert T-100 Review and Specifications

Nobby Expert T-100 is a wireless Bluetooth 4.2 stereo headphones for smartphones and tablets. It provide excellent sound quality when talking, listening to music, watching videos and playing games. It is no longer new that Bluetooth headphones have some advantages which are obvious, like – the absence of wires, and the fact that the headphones are more convenient and practical.

Nobby Expert T-100
Nobby Expert T-100

The Nobby Expert T-100 headphone housing is made of metal, which guarantees the strength and durability of the device. Also the large battery capacity packed in the charging case will provide you with your favorite music tracks for a long time. Nobby wireless headphones are very stylish and comfortable, absolutely do not interfere with your movements when you have them in-ear. Its excellent isolation from ambient noise allows you to enjoy the sound without disturbing anyone closest to you. The radius of the audio signal is 10 meters, so you do not have to constantly carry your phone or player with you.

Nobby Expert T-100 Specifications

ModelExpert T-100
Bluetooth version4.2
Battery Capacity460mAh
Audio Signal Radius10 meters
Sensitivity, dB105
Included accessoriesCable for charging microUSB devices, AUX cable, instructions manual
Nobby Expert T-100
Nobby Expert T-100

Nobby Expert T-100 is a pretty good wireless headphone, but has a few downsides. The fact that it packs a Bluetooth 4.2 is a total ‘no brainer’ as it lacks all the advanced and improved features of Bluetooth 5.0 which most wireless Headphones and Speakers now have. This device is priced around $20.80 which isn’t that expensive, compared to some other True Wireless Stereo (TWS) devices that packs right about the same features but cost a bit higher that the T-100.

Aside the yellow Nobby Expert T-100 shown above, there are other colour variations- black and blue. See photos below:

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