It’s 2020, are Android tablets still worth it?

Are Android Tablets no longer a great choice? This is a question that needs to be asked, with the answers quite obvious. Tablets were one of the innovative techs to roam the Earth just a while ago, but with its obvious decline, could we be facing an extinct or rarity of this tech?

android tablets

Tech lovers or the masses have a belief that Tablets are amazing but not worth the buy anymore. The public’s rather choices of a smartphone or laptop with more features have over powered the no longer idealistic Android Tablet. The lack of interest is high that even companies and developers that makes these great but dying gadget seems to have lost interest, except Amazon of course, that are holding strong and hoping for a better future, with Samsung still creating quality gadgets but losing sales.

So we can say the decline of Android Tablets might be as a result of the very solid growth and development of smartphones and sophisticated PCs, especially as they can do most of what a Tablet can and more, making the idea of Tablets surplus to requirement or unnecessary.

A recent report showed a global decline or fall of the tablet market. According the International Data Corporation (IDC), the global market for tablets declined 18.1 percent every year in the first quarter, and a slate tablets drop of 36.4 percent.

While a survey from Digitimes Research also showed a 33.6 percent decline. Though there are predictions stating the global tablet market is likely to rise, but not still enough to be competitive with smartphones or laptops.

So can we now say the end of Tablets is near? Not likely, not our call. Where we have a say could be the logical reasoning that tells us there might be no need to get one, except it comes with features that the smartphone and laptop do not possess. That is one way forward, creating superb features that the smartphone and laptop do not simply possess. At least this reason is one of the vast thoughts consumers have, which pulls them far from purchasing one.

Digitimes didn’t see totally a downside only in their research, with them stating that the top brands of tablet making, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, Microsoft and Amazon are likely to make a surge in the next quarter with increased orders.

With companies struggling, the survival of tablets is at stakes, especially Android tablets. Apple who once dominated the making of tablets with its iPad recorded a minor growth of 3% in 2017, quite little but still impressive especially with the over the years decline.  On the other hand, Samsung took a fall-over, hitting to a low -6.4%. This was the rise of Amazon pulling into a second placed position of the final quarter. With Amazon doing all it takes to survive in the market, their strategy and zeal is their helping factor.

While Google at the far end no longer show significant interest in putting efforts to advance their Android tablets, making none of their products since 2011 able to compete or rival the iPad.

Amazon tablets that seems to have the current edge to the fight of the survival of tablets, makes tablets significantly to suit you. Prices remain low, with regular imperative features like the availability of apps, movies, music, books, games, magazines, and all the content you can possibly desire.

The beauty of Amazon Fire tablets is that, it’s quite different from the iPad, in the sense that Apple makes its gadgets strictly for Apple lovers and Amazon can simply rule the Android region, with even way cheaper price that can help keep them in game against the iPad.

But with only few companies are the forerunners in a quest to keep Tablets alive and to remain competitive in the industry. Can we still say despite their efforts tablets are going to get a growing fan base to deprive it from crashing totally out of the tech world? It only takes a matter of time for us to find out, but for now a vast part of the world would rather get a smartphone and laptop instead.

With the Coronavirus Pandemic a major factor declining businesses, anything is possible in terms of low income, but besides this. The tablet world has been struggling to survive, with great devices like Android TV stick and Box; smartphones with the ability to fold and turn itself to a reliable tablet + smartphone itself, and even high grade laptops, yet a lot of innovative ideas on tech are rampaging. Are Android tablets still worth it? Give us your take.

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