Handling network failure on your Smartphone

Handling network failure on your Smartphone

Worry less if your smartphone behave funny while surfing the internet because most Smartphones faces the risk of network failure be it new or in-hand. Among all internet device errors, network failure is so common and solution to it is just a step away from your thought.

Believe me; I know how frustrating it could be when smartphone Network signal disappear and reappear uncontrollably over a long time whereas you need something done quickly on the internet. Be sure that all smartphone users experience this in one way or the other.

In this piece, we have gathered the professional way of handling network failure in your Smartphones. Therefore, stay put while we brake down the most trusted quick steps that really work for all Smartphones.

Steps to handling network failure for Smartphones

Some of these steps may appear simple while others are totally new to you but we guarantee you that it will surely work. Just follow through skipping none of the procedures indicated below each steps. You will thank us later. Also, you may need to pay adequate attention to device behavior as you execute these steps.

Step 1 (General)

If your smartphone battery is detachable, switch off the phone and then remove the battery with the SIM while those with inbuilt battery should do a long-press of the power button (not more than 5 seconds as it may restart the phone instead) to put off the power and remove the SIM. After like 5 minutes, reinsert the battery and SIM if you detach or just press the power button upon reinserting the SIM. This should resolve the network error.

Nevertheless, if the same issue persist, move on to the next step.

Step 2 (Direct solution)

After trying the step 1 but no observable changes, you may need to make few changes directly on the device itself. Follow up the procedures below:

  1. Navigate to the phone settings
  2. Find the Network/Internet category
  3. Select the Mobile Network (You may find this on the category named SIMS)
  4. Click on the Network Operator under which you select Manual.

You have then change the smartphone network operation from automatic to manual by so doing. You must therefore restart your device to observe the probable changes.

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Step 3 (Network Provider’s fault)

Remember that there are cases where the network provider itself might encounter some unavoidable technical difficulties. This may trigger temporal disruption in the network performance of the SIM in the Smartphone. To clear your doubt on this may require you switch off the phone or put it on flight mode before you remove the SIM for replacement purposes. Any error emanating from SIM error should be detected when you try another SIM on the device.

Step 4 (Software update)

Most smartphone can start behaving abnormal when the time for it update is past when due. The device may leverage on internal packages that makes internet experience be soothing. When this packages are not updated as at when due, they may not perform optimally. Many have tried updating their smartphone device to fix this problem successfully.

Step 5 (Technical support)

Finally, if this problem remain unsolved, you may need to visit a trusted smartphone technician who will look into the problem technically. Nothing could be the reason behind this behavior after taking the aforementioned steps if not technical. The technician will use his skills to check the internet section of the Smartphone to proffer the needed solution.

We believe you have learnt one thing or the other that can put you abreast against any unforeseen challenges to your device. We welcome feedback and comments.

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