Fan of Rugged Phones? Top Phones to Checkout

I was once marvelled by the man of steel strength of the Doogee phone, that I was so obsessed with watching so many YouTube videos of different attempt targeted to break the phone. Well! None of the YouTubers had the kryptonite capable of doing the damages to this superman carved into a phone.

rugged phones
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Do not think I am exaggerating, some phones are that super strong that they could be used as a weapon to break someone’s head if care ain’t taken. If you are a fan of such rigidity and rugged device feel or you haven’t ever heard of such wonder works, get ready as we tell you phones that have Marvel super powers and DC super strength.


Oukitel; an internet company founded in Shenzhen, China is a smartphone and smart devices manufacturer, with the aim of creating quality affordable phones for the masses.

One thing with very affordable products are they might not possess tremendous features that can compete with the best or top  smartphones in the world, but they still ramp up some great qualities besides the few average features they possess. Do not forget that the aim is to create a device that most people can afford, from $60 USD and above, quite cheap ain’t it?

Oukitel top qualities are its durability, battery life and we can add the affordability to it. It could be very hard finding budget phones with these qualities for the prices Oukitel offers.

Oukitel WP7
Oukitel WP7

These are the top 5 Oukitel phones

Specification of Oukitel WP7

  1. Infrared night vision
  2. 48MP Triple camera
  3. Octa core 8GB RAM + 128GB
  4. NFC
  5. UVC sterilization light; that kills Bacteria and viruses.
  6. 8000mAh Battery, with 18W Fast charging.

Why should a phone possess an 8000mAh battery when I am not on a trip round the world? That’s a phone with the ability to last for days or times two the normal time range of our daily average phones if not more.


Shenzhen is definitely a Chinese capital of Smartphones, with the Doogee manufacturers also having its headquarters located there and many more. Doogee was established in 2013, in Spain. Its company name is Shenzhen DOOGEE Hengtong Technology Co. Limited and is the third brand of KVD International Group Limited.

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Doogee makes quite affordable devices that are still features rich. It is another durable or very strong phone capable of withstanding pressure, falls, or even intentional attempt to break the phone. They are phones you should target if you are sincerely in need of a budget phone with long battery life span and a very strong phone suitable for jobs like mountain climbing, engineering, offshore workers, farming, mining etc.

Top 5 Doogee Smartphones

  • Doogee S68 Pro – $436.63 USD
  • Doogee S90 – $299 USD to $399 USD
  • Doogee S80 Lite – $450.21 USD to $536.22 USD
  • Doogee S70 – $422.90 USD
  • Doogee N100 – $300 USD

Specifications of Doogee N100

  1. Sensors – Gyroscope, Fingerprint, Light sensor, Proximity, Accelerometer, Compass.
  2. Camera – Double camera 21MP + 8MP
  3. OS AND storage – Octa core 4GB RAM + 64GB and memory card acceptable
  4. NFC, GPS.
  5. 10000mAh Battery, with fast charging.


Umidigi is another Chinese Smartphone company with their foundation and headquarters in Shenzhen. They have released 55 phones already since their arrival in 2012. They are also good at producing some durable phones, but focus more on their features. They also come with great battery life and very affordable prices.

You seem to wonder why Chinese products can be quite cheap or affordable. With a population of over 1 billion, the necessity to create quality products for all the different financial status of the nation is key, and the fact that china has very low labor cost, manufacturers tend to take this as an advantage to build products there.

Umidigi are quite quality phones that release some of the best Android 10 mid-range phones with top specifications. So besides it having some durability, though not compared to most on this list, it also gives you all you need in a great phone.

Top 5 Umidigi Smartphones

  • Umidigi S5 – $300
  • Umidigi F2 – $186.0
  • Umidigi Power 3 – US$149.99 to US$199.99
  • Umidigi X – $169.99
  • Umidigi S3 Pro – $310.79

Specifications of Umidigi F2

  1. Sensors – Gyroscope, Fingerprint, Ambient Light sensor, Proximity, Accelerometer, Compass.
  2. Camera – QUAD rear camera 48MP + 13MP + 5MP + 5MP. Selfie Camera – 32MP
  3. OS and Storage – Android 10 – Helio P70 (8-Cores. 6GB RAM + 128GB and memory card acceptable
  4. NFC, GPS.
  5. 5150mAh Battery, with 18w fast charging.


With a name like Elephone that has probably not been heard before, you might wonder what unpopular brands can offer. Very untrue to think this brand is unpopular, it is averagely known for its low price tag and quality features. Though not being among the top brands would leave some cons, like you not being able to upgrade the Android version that comes with it, therefore its system upgrade is tagged poor.


I won’t rank these phones as one of the most durable compared to others on this list, but will commend it for its low price tag of around $120 USD, even its 8GB RAM and 256GB storage is just $189.99 USD, prices you are likely not to find anywhere else.

Top 5 Elephone Phones

Specifications of Elephone U3H

  1. Sensors – Fingerprint, Ambient Light sensor, Proximity, Accelerometer.
  2. Camera – 48MP+5MP+2MP Selfie Camera – 16MP
  3. Storage –, 8GB RAM + 128GB
  4. OS And Processor – Android 9.0 Pie , Octa core, MediaTek Helio P90, 64-bit Processor
  5. NFC, GPS.
  6. 3800mAh Lithium Polymer.
  7. Scratch resistance.
  8. No waterproof.


This is the most rugged phones on planet Earth. it’s like the combination of Darkseid and Galactus against every other durable phone like the Doogee that is a superman to me. Using these phones and getting it broken is like an achievement worth celebrating, not that it isn’t possible; it is just too durable to have broken pieces as rampant as any other phone.  

With personal reviews, cracking the screen of this phone can take 2 years despite working in a construction company, and the phone might have to fall from an above 18 fts high with the screen facing the concrete ground.

What do you expect when a construction machinery/equipment company, the popular Caterpillar brands dive into phone making? You should expect the rigidity and strength of caterpillars definitely. CAT Smartphone’s are manufactured by the Bullitt Group under the Caterpillar Inc license with their first phone named “Cat B25” released in 2013.

It is a fact that a feel of a CAT phone would show its toughness, coming with a thick alumininum frame embedded in a black plastic. It is quite a product for durability for sure.

Top CAT Smartphones

  • CAT S52 – $409.99
  • CAT S42 – $300
  • CAT S48C – ‎$599
  • CAT S61 – $771

Specifications of CAT S52

  1. Sensors – Fingerprint, Gyro, Proximity, Accelerometer, Light, Barometer and Compass.
  2. Camera – 12MP Selfie Camera – 8MP
  3. Storage – 4GB RAM + 64GB
  4. OS And Processor – Android 9.0Pie , MediaTek Helio P35 octa core.
  5. NFC, GPS.
  6. NO waterproof
  7. 3,100mAh with fast charging.

Take note that The CAT Smartphones are well built to serve workers in need of such great durability values than very fancy features. While the focus was on the toughness of the Smartphone making most of the phones drop proof, dust proof, waterproof, and even withstand extreme temperatures.

With these top durable phones, your options for durability are well served.

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