Do you really need a Power bank for your phone?

Almost everyone now possesses a power bank either because of the poor electricity situation in Nigeria or because of the nature of their work as they provide a very convenient and easy method of charging our devices.

For starters, a power bank is a portable device used to put energy into a rechargeable battery by forcing electric current through it.

With an increasing use of battery powered devices, many devices that have USB receptor can now be charged with a power bank- starting from our mobile phones, smart watches, headphones, MP3 players, etc. Power bank comes in different shapes, battery capacity, sizes and colors to suit our different personalities, preferences and needs.

The device can be likened to a money bank where funds can be deposited, stored and withdrawn when needed.  It also comes in various types; the universal power bank that uses USB, the solar power bank and wireless power banks like ear pods which works by simply placing the phone on the power bank.

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Power banks are very useful as they enable battery powered devices to be charged at a go.  As it may be impossible to reach a main source of electricity power, this is usually useful when traveling. It is always advisable to have a power bank with us while traveling especially to a place where we have not been to before owing to the bad electricity condition of our country. Also, our phones keep us very busy while traveling most times and there is always someone already using the car charger.

They are very simple and easy to make use of as the least of it could just be with a USB cord. They give so much convenience because you can be charging and using your smart phone or the device being powered at any time without the stress of sticking to one place. Important calls may come in at anytime and it will be so annoying to miss it just because of a low battery.

Yes, too much use of power banks might be dangerous to our smartphone but it is better than using different chargers that lead to damage of your smartphone battery.

For most people, even a 10,000mAh battery would not be enough because of phone usage, not to talk of people with 4000 or 5000mAh. Phones with 4000mAh are even considered by so many as expensive. So, an affordable power bank can really go a long way for everyone. And as some do not feel alive with their phones being off, the inevitable need to have a power bank becomes evident.

Everyone is always on the go as times waits for no man, no one will stay in the car for his or her phone just to charge when there is work to be done. No one will also continue burning fuel when there is no power supply just to charge phone. The need to have a power bank is also made evident here.

Power banks allow you to remain connected no matter what you are doing with the phone. Good thing some power banks have more than one charging port; this can enable one charge more than one device at a go. Even if it has just one charging port, you could use a USB cord with about five charging ports.

Power banks often have a strong and protective cover, placing them on a rough surface would not be a problem. This makes them very durable and sometimes even lasts more than the phone it is being used for. There is a general notion that power banks damage a phone but to correct this- power banks only damage phones on rare cases like where you are using a low quality power bank, your power bank has the wrong voltage as the ideal voltage is 5V, frequent using of power banks which are to be used sparingly (overcharging).

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