Cloud Gaming: The Future of PC, Console and Mobile Gaming

Can the world ever have too much of change? I doubt that. The saying that “change is constant” is a vivid and visible fact that men admire, as long as it is positive.

The gaming industry has been longing for a change that seems closer than ever; the ability to move games from Pcs, console and mobile phones to the cloud. This allows anyone to be able to play any sophisticated game using even a poor or average device, as the game is stored in the cloud and uses the cloud’s server as its processor.  All needed would be a swift and stable internet connection suitable for no breakage in data connection and an average or minimum bandwidth requirement will get the job done.

This concept is definitely going to be favourable for countries with high speed internet connection.

Google Stadia cloud gaming

The advantages of cloud gaming is key to the idea being recognized and already accepted by the gaming world as they wait in delight, but do not forget everything has its downsides and this can’t be excluded. Let’s take a look at some peak advantages.

High-end hardware is not necessary.

The present gaming world needs the availability of a top notch console, high in RAM, Graphic card and Processor Pcs, and something similar for mobile devices. To worsen cases, these games and devices upgrade on nearly a yearly basis, which leaves your device outdated in few years, if not months. That’s worrisome, as buying the latest console would be more appropriate or rather updated in the gaming world.

The Cloud gaming rectifies this, so you won’t need to update or upgrade your device every now and then, as an average device with a steady internet connection will do the job.


There is a fact that the chances of hacking or any loss of data are zero when using the cloud gaming technique. This is due to the storage on ultra-secure servers which are transferred through secure connections. The cloud gaming server’s help in providing security that allows you play, save and walk away without a fright of losing your gaming data.


Cloud gaming can be so entertaining especially being able to play any game with any device. That includes playing the top quality and biggest games with just your mobile phone. This gives it an advantage, especially to mobile phones owners that can’t afford a gaming console.

Taking a look at the downsides

  1. The idea of cloud gaming would be just like streaming services, and that will totally depend on your internet connection. I can imagine playing FIFA, and getting to the goal post and it’s the right time to take the simplest shot on goal for a pop, and your data drags the game. It can be frustrating, but it’s not something likely to happen with very good internet connections.
  2. Latency; which is simply the delay you get before a transfer of data begins or flow through following an instruction for its transfer. This could be quite an issue, as a slight delay can affect the actual game at the server end. We are saying here, that if a cloud gaming server offers 20ms total latency, at 40ms the game is going to be unplayable, and many factors like connectivity to server delays can cause this increase in latency.

Being a hardcore gamer can be really fun, especially if you have all the hardware needed to enjoy your gaming experience. With cloud gaming, little things like latency might matter, but it is likely to be the future of gaming. Every gaming company is interested in improving the total service area of the cloud gaming, and that is a sign that these companies are looking forward to taking their games to the cloud.

Since cloud gaming is definitely still at its early stage, it is reasonable to say it will be a major force and competition to the casual gaming methods, and could be a replacement, but not yet. Big names like Google, Microsoft, NVIDIA and Sony are already trying to create an impact with cloud gaming in the nearest future. With even growing brands like Vortex, Jump, Shadow already venturing into the business and already giving top brands a worthy competition. Though most of the cloud gaming service currently on requires a monthly subscription and gaming controllers, but this is still way cheaper than a gaming console.

Few cloud gaming services you can try.

  2. Google Stadia
  3. PlayStation Now

So do you think that the future of gaming is cloud gaming? Let us know what you think.

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