Best Cameras to get as a Movie maker

Ever wondered what Cameras were used to shoot your favourite musical videos or movies? If you are an entertainer, these types of thoughts are likely to get into your mind at intervals. Maybe because you so much love how sleek, neat, clean and of tremendous quality you see top music videos worldwide or top movies made by Hollywood, Bollywood even some top Nollywood movies are.

It’s not farfetched to think that knowing these quality cameras used and being able to buy or rent them for your video project is doable. Trust me it is doable by rentals or even purchase, if you have more than enough funds to buy such cameras.

There are lots of video cameras specialized or designed for shooting very quality videos, but your project is likely to determine what Camera would be of preference or use.

The very significant part of the entertainment market are looking for camera’s with 4k qualities, as very few low budgeted videos settle for less. The best Camera phones already shoot 4k, it will be weird totally, not to see even a higher grade quality using a video CAM for your footage.

Mirrorless Cameras

With Mirrorless Cameras, the range of top cameras for your video shoot has skyrocketed, as this kind of cameras give the advantage of having to produce a faster and better video. With it also looking more portable or compact and lighter. In Comparison with a DSLR camera, the mirrorless camera stands out.

Mirrorless Cameras

DSLR Cameras have a mirror inside the body of the camera, to reflect light coming through the lens to a prism, and then to the viewfinder in which your shot can be viewed. These designs are of old, with Nikon D3400 a perfect example of a DSLR.

The mirrorless camera would rather pass light through the lens to the image sensor. The sensor captures the image to display on the screen. The Sony Alpha a6300 is an example of a Mirrorless camera.

Despite taking an edge over DSLR, the mirrorless cameras like; Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III, Fujifilm X-T4, Nikon Z6, Canon EOS RP, Panasonic Lumix GX80, Sony Alpha 6000, Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III, Sony A7R IV are the best of mirrorless cameras suitable for your video shoot, giving you great qualities. But it is one thing to shoot in 4k, and another to shoot cinema quality in 4k. Sounds the same to you? Let’s find out.

Regardless recording 4k video shoot for your musicals with a good mirrorless camera, the idea of compression to suit different watch centre is considered and usually an option available. But there are some cameras still designed for cinematography, which would offer low compression ratios or even no compression.

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Showing your film in a cinema is different from showing your music video on TRACE, they both might be 4k or above, but will be shown on different screen sizes. That has to influence the compression. For this purpose, the best cameras in quality are usually used for top standard movies and nowadays, musicals. They might be mirrorless, but likely cinematic, having large sensors, and might be so expensive that they may be only available for rent.

Let’s take a look at the Best Camera’s for Cinema, which makes it suitable for any film and videos.

1. RED Digital Camera

The Red Digital Cinema happens to be an American company with specialty in producing professional cinematography cameras and different accessories.

Red WEAPON Monstro 8K VV
Red WEAPON Monstro 8K VV

Red Cameras are reliable for Hollywood standard filming, as it has the ability to shoot to the highest resolution, which is the 8k. A lot of times, using the 8K resolution is not necessary, as you can settle for 4k or above that. But the advantage that your resolution is the best and you have to be the one to make the choice to reduce it is cool.

There are different types of the Red Cameras, with Red WEAPON Monstro 8K VV the most recent, costing around $80,000 USD.

4K is enough for any semi-pro movie, as it is ultra-high definition. Though being able to playback and edit your data or footage will require the best of computers. Going above 4k would mean entering into the Hollywood standard of movie making, which is exactly what the RED cameras offer.

Let’s take a look at the RED Cameras features.

NameMegaPixelsMax Video Frame RateMax Data RateDynamic RangePrice
RED WEAPON BRAIN with MONSTRO 8K VV Sensor35.42k 300fps 3k 200fps 4k 150fps 5k 120fps 6k 100fps 7k 75fps 8k 75fps300mb/s17stops 
RED WEAPON BRAIN with HELIUM 8K S35 Sensor35.42k 300fps 3k 200fps 4k 150fps 5k 120fps 6k 100fps 7k 75fps 8k 75fps300mb/s16.5 stops 
RED SCARLET-W BRAIN with DRAGON 5K Sensor13.82k 240fps 3k 150fps 4k 120fps 5k 60fps  170mb/s16.5 stops$12,500 USD
RED RAVEN BRAIN with 4.5K DRAGON Sensor9.92k 240fps 4k 120fps  140mb/s16.5 stops$12,800 USD
RED EPIC-W BRAIN with GEMINI 5K S35 Sensor15.42k 300fps 4k 150fps 5k 120fps275mb/s16.5 stops$24,500 USD
EPIC-W BRAIN with HELIUM 8K S35 Sensor35.42K 300fps
3K 200fps
4K 120fps
5K 96fps
6K 75fps
7K 30fps
8K 30fps
275 mb/s16.5 stops$29,500 USD


Arri is one big heck of a camera. The looks alone can tell you its purpose that they are not in the game for jokes.

Arri Alexa is made for motion pictures, made by Arri firstly in 2010. It was their first major transition into cinematographic digital camera, as they were used to producing smaller cameras like the Arriflex D-20 and D-21. Additional software licences, like the High speed 120 fps recording can also be acquired.


Arri Alexa is alot of times even regarded as the best video camera in the world, and cost around 66,000 USD to 100,000 USD.  It is what is mainly used for most TV network shows, news casting, reporting.

Arri Alexa is mostly used in the United States for Hollywood movies, and due to its price range, it is avoided in Africa.

3. Black Magic

Blackmagic cinema camera is way more than just a video camera, as its features allow you to create also the same quality as the Hollywood movies.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera

It is an Australian camera, which movie makers crave for due to its great colour display, also having the potential of a superb low light performance. The camera skin toning beauty is also worth to note, shooting 4K to 6k videos, allowing also 6K photography features, with a 21.2 megapixel in stock.

Blackmagic recently announced the arrival of its 12k video camera, “The Ursa Mini Pro 12k”, having a 12288 x 6480 super 35mm sensor that captures its footage at 60fps. This is delightful, being the RED 8K taking an edge in cinema camera quality for a while, the 12k Blackmagic poses a threat.

Though the Camera is not very perfect, with the battery not so reliable, getting standby batteries are advisable, but the Black Magic is rated as Africa’s second most loved camera among the movie industry, and even as a top music video shoot.

4. Panasonic Lumix S1H

The Panasonic Lumix S1H is a top quality mirrorless camera.

Panasonic Corporation is an electronic based company that ventured into Camera making. Being a top brand in the field, high competition with other top brands like Canon, made them not so much as strong, but with this invention with its popular GH-Series has put them in amongst the top class.

Panasonic Lumix S1H

Panasonic Lumix S1H is surely an extension of both the Panasonic Varicam line and the GH line. They wanted to improve two types of cameras in one and succeeded.

Key features:

  • Articulated rear screen
  • 6K Video shoot
  • Dual SD card slot
  • Anamorphic capture
  • 24MP full-frame CMOS sensor
  • Dual native ISO
  • 4:2:2 10-bit internal recording
  • 4K/60p 10-bit recording
  • Unlimited record time
  • H.264 and H.265 internal recording
  • In-body image stabilization
  • Pricing 3999 USD

General summary

The dynamic range of the Canon EOS C300 MK II of 15 stops is excellent; having to itself an autofocus also makes the idea of shooting easier. It is a step up from a mirrorless camera or DSLR, though not so much, but its 4k ability, low light shooting and a fairer prize of 2000 USD makes it an option achievable.

It possesses a 24.6 x 13.8 mm  sensor size, CFast x 2 card slot, a display size of 4-inch.

The canon EOS MK II also has the ability for slow motion footages, with a 4206 x 2340 (9.84 MP), you get yourself a formidable camera that can get the job done.

But amongst all Camera mentioned, which can we say is the best for your shoot? That depends on what you need or prefer.

I happened to be on a musical video shoot, and a random passer-by came in seeing the cameras in use, and asked “Is that RED?”, I replied “Yes it is”, and he spluttered the word “wow!”. That’s how Africans sees the RED OR BLACK MAGIC; this is because every top celebrity video or the best of African movies is shot on RED or BLACK MAGIC.

Make that choice and feel great, because any of these cameras will get the job done, but for the best qualities, the top 3 remains the best you can get.

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