Apple Watch Series 6 overall features review

Launch of the famous Apple Watch Series 6 held on 18th of September, which is already days back. Since then it has been one talk or the other about how improved the new Apple smart watch is, compared to the other older series.

The additional values of a smart watch is seen in its health sensors or trackers and some phone-like qualities or features which the Apple Watch Series 6 didn’t fail deliver. In fact Apple has a slogan for their smart watches- “the future of health is on your wrist”. That is how well-assured they are on the health features of the Watch they created.

Apple Watch Series 6

Comments from Apple on the benefits of Watch Series 6 says it has the ability to measure blood oxygen level, test ECG (like the Samsung Galaxy Watch3), track fitness, and use sleep app to keep track of your sleep metric or hours you’ve been up, etc. All these can be done at a simple glance and interaction with the Always-on Retina display.

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The Watch Series 6 looks almost like other models of the Apple Watch Series, with a square-like shape and digital crown. But this time, appears in distinctive colours of blue, red, silver, space gray and gold. This is seen by many as really good improvement, especially the very bright (Product) RED colour option.

What really is new in Apple Watch 6? Blood oxygen level monitoring is the new feature. A faster chip was also introduced, and always-on display (AOD). All these for a little increment which makes it cost $399 USD as its starting price. Do not forget it also has about 18-hours battery life which is enough for an entire day activities.

Apple watch series 6

Let’s take a look at the new features and its benefits to this new device-

  1. Blood Oxygen app: The Blood oxygen app is thorough and allows the demand readings of your blood oxygen day and night or while you sleep, which can help detect sleep, apnea or asthma. The new sensor is of four LED clusters and photodiodes which are laid to rest in the back crystal of the watch. The sensors in togetherness work with the Blood oxygen app to give the reading of the blood oxygen level demanded.
  2. Always on display (AOD): Apart from being on at all times, this adds a brighter screen experience as the always on display is bright both indoor and outdoor, making it easier to use the Watch 6 in any kind of lighting condition.
  3. Faster chip: Apple is kind of synonymous with ‘speed’. Apple silicon processor is faster than Qualcomm, for smartwatches. This makes for the swift touch response and better improved performance.

Watch Series 6 has quite reliable features added to the health benefits, but other features adds up to make it better than the Series 5 and makes it more appealing.

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The battery of Watch Series 6 takes about an hour and half to full charge, and that is about 40% faster than Series 5. So if you’re using it for sleep tracking, getting up in the morning to prepare for work might be enough time gain 80 to 100 percent charge. And that should last you close to 18 hours like the Apple Watch 5, 4, and Watch 3.

In the box, lies a USB-A cable with Apple proprietary charger, but no AC adapter.

Apple watch series 6

Other features-

  1. Easy access to Apple Music for streaming
  2. Activity rating
  3. Solo loop design; a stretchable silicon rubber that can replace your watch wrist band. It can easily be slide in and out of your wrist.
  4. Customization of new faces to match your mood.
  5. Cellular connection and GPS
  6. Apple Pay integrated
  7. Get help or assistance using Siri.
  8. Water resistant (50 meters)
  9. Heart rate and irregular rhythm notification

Frankly, Apple Watch Series 6 is not just an upgraded version of the Series 5, it is a great watch for your health which makes it a very important smart watch. This can be a reason it is more sorted after than any other smart watches. With all the health benefits; ECG as the Electrocardiogram; the SpO2 monitor, sleep tracking, fitness tracking, this is one of the best smartwatches for health monitoring. Though some smart watches from other brands are cheaper, and somewhat offers related features- which leads to the high competition the Apple Watch Series 6 will have to deal with.

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