Android 11: Most stunning new & improved features

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Following the release of Android 11 beta, people with the recommended Pixel phone have started downloading and trying out the new Android OS. Its installation is much easier, as with all Project Treble supported phones. This beta version is released primarily to test run the new features attached to the Android 11 and to receive feedback to perfect the development of the software. Therefore, you might not want to install this beta version on your primary device for now, a secondary/test device might be better.

The most stunning features of Android 11 is what this piece is about. We are sure you won’t hesitate to give it a try as soon as you find this features explained here.

Devices that currently support Android 11 public beta

Android 11 public beta only ‘officially’ support Google Pixel devices as at the time of writing this article, and the devices include:

  • Pixel 2
  • Pixel 2 XL
  • Pixel 3
  • Pixel 3 XL
  • Pixel 3a
  • Pixel 3a XL
  • Pixel 4
  • Pixel 4 XL
  • Pixel 4a

Stunning features you will fall in love with

You will fall in love with these features as long as your device can download and install it. Though a secondary device is best for the public beta but we are sure you might be tempted to download the software on your primary device. Highlighted below are this wonderful features you will fall in love with.

Improved notification for conversation

The notification panel has undergone a whole lot of changes and thus behave smartly than before. Unlike the previous version of Android where notification piles up and probably slows down your device, the Android 11 notifications is categorized into three separate tiers depending on the order of priority. The notifications panel allow you to effect changes as desired and this is something you’d love.

When you put some notification to silent, they will only appear below the notification shade such that when you receive a message it will wait for your interaction.

Similarly, you can shuffle messages into any of this three categories when you long-press the notification slide. Yet, some notifications can withstand quick dismissal, you can permanently remove the notification by going to notifications settings through the phone settings icon.

Android 11 public beta on Google Pixel

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Addition of Bubbles in conversation

Android 11 has in addition a universal chat bubbles can integrate perfectly with all chatting app on your device. This feature can be enabled and disabled through the settings panel in the order of Apps & notifications >> Notifications >> Bubbles.

If you have seen the behavior of Messenger with its Chat Heads, a similar circular pop up on screen resembling a bubble can be seen in the order of their arrival whenever you have a message. This helps you converse directly as quick as the message comes in without leaving the screen.

Segregated portion for media player

In the race to make this version better, the Android 11 ensures that your media control appear stacked next to the Quick setting. Nevertheless, you will need to turn on Developer Option to activate this feature. Do this by going to Settings and then About phone. Tap several on the build number (seven times) until there is a pop up counting you down to developers mode. You then scroll to media section of the Developers option ( i.e. Settings >> System) whereby you enable the Media resumption.

Then a reboot will be required before this feature finally starts operating. Apps like Sportify, YouTube TV and many more video app on your mobile websites work perfectly with this feature.

Centralized Power menu

There is a separate and new power button menu centralized on your device for flexibility. You can turn on and off your device simply by holding down the power button by the side of the phone. This appearance can be changed to satisfaction by going to Settings >> Gestures >> Power menu.

Adjustable picture-in-picture videos

This is obviously one of the most amazing features included to Android 11, the picture-in-picture video is awesome and allows you to Google search anything based on the video you are watching simultaneously. The picture-in-picture video is resizable such that you can enlarge it or compress it without conflicting with your multitasking. Android 11 really is cute.

Dock suggestion for apps

Android 11 gives you the room to offer suggestions for apps. Just below the home screen, you find some app located at the bottom of the Home Screen. This suggestion can be disabled in your Pixel launcher setting menu from the Home Screen by long-pressing it till it directs you to Home setting. Then you Select the Suggestion to put it off or on as desired.

The beauty of this features is thrilling and we can’t put all of it to book presently but we know certainly that you will love to experience this your very. Download this for your device and have a great experience with Android 11.

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