5G and Internet of Things (IoT): The Next Gen!

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A lot of people have been anticipating the era of 5G connectivity due to the great benefits it provides users with, such as fast internet connection, and increased internet security.

Fifth Generation (popularly known as 5G) is a new generation wireless network technology, which has shown signs of its capability in aiding innovations and producing excellent user experience for various businesses in different industries.

The Internet of Things (IoT) along with 5G are two essential macro technology shifts which will help in shaping the future of today’s technology.

5G is capable of providing download speeds three times faster than 4G, 3G and other mobile network technologies, and also transfer data to and from millions of devices per square kilometres in a matter of seconds.

5G is a significant shift in the way technology is utilized in our world, and IoT along with 5G has proven to be a breakthrough in internet technology, and the reasons are not far-fetched. 

Why 5G and Internet of Things (IoT)?

With the increase in the production and use of IoT devices, the need for faster and more reliable Internet connectivity is essential. People long to communicate with long-distance relations, control other devices, and appliances at the swipe of a single screen, and IoT makes this possible.

Think of the different possibilities to be achieved with 5G; an example is the Smart Homes innovation.

With the touch of a button, you can control your home’s functionalities, such as managing temperature regulation, closing windows, security checks, etc.

5G will enable users to control a lot of other devices from remote locations with the use of little accessories such as smartwatches or mobile phones, carrying out such functions within areas where fast internet connections with strong signals are required in real-time.

iot and 5G shaping global tech

Ericsson, a technology-based company, performed a survey some time ago, to learn how 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) will expand and create more opportunities for individuals, and industries. The survey was sent to 650 decision-makers from about eight different vital sectors.

Some of the results gathered from the survey, and the different industries are listed below:

Health care

The survey gotten from the healthcare industry has shown high expectations from executives for 5G to pave the way for advanced implementation of new services, and creation of new products which will be of great benefit to the general public.


A lot of us have heard about different innovations in different sports but have not been able to identify where these innovations are from. An example is the Goal Line technology, which uses cameras to recognize the validity of a goal scored. Very soon, that’ll be changed, because IoT and 5G are here. Another example is the internet-connected Tennis racket, which will be great for players hoping to improve their game.

The tennis racket uses sensors to determine each swing made by the player and helps the player find better ways of advancing his/her game.


5G network will enable advanced tracking with the use of IoT sensors. With its high speed and low latency, data can be gathered in real-time, without high consumption of energy or going through strenuous processes.

IoT and 5G make all these innovations possible at the tap or swipe of a button.

Smart Homes & Cities

As mentioned earlier, 5G and IoT will enable effective and efficient use of applications associated with Smart Homes & Cities Initiatives. Some of such initiatives include waste, water and electricity management, traffic monitoring, and so on.

No more long queues at the bank, fuelling stations and so on, with the introduction of cashless policies, and smart cars respectively.

Authentication services will also be made more accessible, with the aid of advanced database management software.


A lot of questions have been raised concerning security, and I’d like to be the first to assure you that 5G and IoT have got that covered. An advanced version of older authentication processes will be employed, which will enable the compilation of individual data.

properties that contribute to the trustworthiness of the 5g system
source: Ericsson

Other processes used in carrying out recognition of users will also be employed to ensure that each community is safe and free from threats of crime.

5G and IoT are the top duo of Innovation in Internet Technology and will be of great benefit to humans, in making life very comfortable.

Don’t worry if 5G is not in your country yet, because it’s coming soon, and will provide better services than current internet connections.

Well, that’s our view on how IoT and 5G will improve our world. What do you think? Let’s hear from you, drop your comments in the box below!

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